Review: Luck of the Devil ( The Reckless Damned Book 4) by Lark Taylor

Rating: 4.75🌈

Luck of the Devil is the finale to Lark Taylor’ The Reckless Damned series. Each book has been the story of how each of the four rebelling sons of Lucifer has found their fated soulmate as a war has begun against Lucifer himself by his own high demons wanting to take control.

Luck of the Devil has the largest slate of items to accomplish, narratively speaking. And it’s get it done so well.

First off, there’s Dagon, fourth son of Lucifer and the last to be mated. He’s involved in a prophecy that includes Demetrius, an angel, who has appeared to be someone important to Dagon through the previous books but their full relationship wasn’t revealed until now.

And the fact that they are fated to be a triad. It’s the only way they can be together happily.

This is a M/M/M storyline, one that highly sexy, and, as written, makes sense, emotionally, for all the people involved. A demon, an angel, and a human.

Taylor’s story has to include the build up of a relationship between the three characters, and the discussions between the original two characters as to why their original bond failed as well as how Lucky is the missing part to make all three complete.

Not even close to being done with major storylines, there’s the major rebellion going on in Hell against Lucifer, one that’s threatening their own mates and lives above, there’s revelations from Demetrius’ past to deal with, Lucky’s present danger, and more.

All to flesh out, and then satisfactorily bring to a conclusion, while delivering battles, emotional high drama, sexual tension and hijinks, and deep loving soul bonds.

This is pure entertainment. It’s got something for everyone . And if you loved a couple from another book, well all the brothers and their mates are here and playing huge roles in this book. As are other noteworthy characters.

It seems Taylor is writing a new series that picks up with some of these characters when the events here conclude.

I can’t wait.

This series was a fabulous wild ride of fated mates, emotional drama, some well written traumatized characters and four HEA’s.

I’m hoping that they will pop up as visitors in the upcoming series.

Until then, I’m highly recommending this series and book. Read them in the order they are written for development of characters relationships and events.

The Reckless Damned series:

✓ Devil’s Mark #1

✓ Devil May Care #2

✓ Deal With The Devil #3

✓ Luck Of The Devil #4

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Luck of the Devil (The Reckless Damned Book 4)


One demon. One angel. A relationship that’s failed so many times. Could it really be just one human they’ve been missing?


For centuries, Dimitri and I have tried to make it work. Each time we’ve been torn apart by our dominant natures, neither of us willing to back down. A hundred years ago, I thought he’d betrayed me in the worst possible way. In a fit of anger, we made a deal that led to my downfall.

Now Dimitri is back in my life, reshaping our history with the truth. But love still isn’t enough to make it work, not when being together tears us apart.

When he tells me he’s met our human mate, I can’t help but hope that Lucky will be the key to loving Dimitri the way I’ve always wanted.

But with Hell knocking at our door and an uprising threatening us all, can we persuade Lucky to give us a chance before it’s too late?


I haven’t given up on Dagon for one hundred years, and I won’t now.

When Lucky crosses my path, I finally understand why Dagon and I have never quite worked. Fate never intended us to be a couple…we were destined to be a triad. Lucky is the piece we need to complete us.

Winning Lucky over won’t be easy. Someone is hurting him, making him put up walls that are nearly impossible for us to cross.

But chasing Dagon has taught me that I’m a stubborn angel. I won’t give up on either of my mates.


What an ironic nickname. Never in my life has anything lucky ever happened to me.

But everything changes when I meet Dagon and Dimitri. Two super-hot guys who aren’t put off by my inexperience? All my dreams are coming true.

Not for long though. Even with my boss and his family looking out for me, I know it’s only a matter of time before my past catches up to me.

So, for now, I’m going to soak up every drop of happiness Dimitri and Dagon have to offer.

Drink it up and pray they forgive me when I do what I always do.

Run…and don’t look back.

Luck of the Devil is an action-filled, fated-mates MMM paranormal romance with an HEA and no cliff-hanger. It is the final instalment in The Reckless Damned series, which is best enjoyed in order due to the overarching plot. Each book focuses on a different couple or triad and has an HEA

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