Review: In Death Together (The Undead Detective Agency #3) by Shelby Rhodes

Rating: 4.75🌈

In Death Together is everything I expected it to be and yet it’s more!

I’ve come to have high expectations for this series. Rhodes has layered in a chilling storyline of a psychological horror thriller that has elements of pathological violence and stalking, abuses and non consent, obsession and death.

There’s a fabulous found family of paranormal beings headed by an ancient vampire who’s unlike any I’ve met in other works of fiction. Octavius and his human lover , Turney’s path to a forever relationship has been eventful and , here, shockingly horrifying. I shed so many tears. Why I didn’t think I would, I honestly don’t know. But I was as shattered by the first part of this story as was Octavius. It’s that Rhodes has done such an exemplary job in making us care for Turney that the events at the end of Keep It Together, those that double as the beginning of In Death Together, are emotionally draining and so full of pain even as they are expected.

The author’s skillfully wrought dynamic that’s so outwardly sexy and humorous between these two characters gets peeled away at the most powerful moments to reveal the depths of feeling and love that truly exists within their bond. One that death cannot break. Although it tries.

There’s other characters, and romantic relationships. Most within the found family. Some are promising, some are tragic, and one is unexpectedly lovely. The last is an explicit F/F romance. If this is an issue, skip over it, or this isn’t the book for you. I adore the couple.

There’s a battle unlike any other. But as Octavius is involved in the planning, wild things ensue! And horrible things as well. Rhodes’ narrative balancing act between comedy and pathos/horror teeters delicately even when bones are being smashed, and explosions are going off.

The ending is a cliffhanger. It sets up the final book , Forever Together.

I love In Death Together. I wept throughout all that excellently executed horror, and expected moments of untold emotional agony and guilt. Rhodes has given us , with Octavius and Turney , romantic relationships and deep love, hilarity and glitter, sexual hijinks and role playing moments that are so memorable they need bookmarks!

And a found family full of characters to treasure and journey with to their own destiny with happiness and love.

We have but one more book to see that happen.

I’m highly recommending In Death Together (The Undead Detective Agency #3) by Shelby Rhodes but make sure to read all the preceding books first. They must be read in the order that they were written.

I also love the covers.

The Undead Detective Agency:

✓ Get It Together #1

✓ Keep It Together #2

✓ In Death Together #3

◦ Forever Together #4 TBD 2024

Buy Link:

In Death Together (The Undead Detective Agency Book 3)


You’ve returned… good! Octavius Evander here, your lovable vampire detective. So, where we ended things last time, everything had gone horribly wrong. What can really be said, besides that change is a fact of life, and unlife. Turney, my love, my heart—unfortunately, he has much change to deal with. No matter, we will all get through it together! Some of us will be getting through it together, much closer than we ever expected, if you know what I mean.

But, enough about that. On to the cases! We will have a new one come up, one with love and questionable family relationships, and even a murder! We don’t get to witness the murder, but we can’t always get what we want. Either way, it’s going to be fun.

Lastly, I suppose there is also the old case looming over us. The ‘pain in the ass’ case. Prepare yourselves for pain, blood, betrayal, glitter, and devastation. No, hint’s as to whose…but remember, this is a love story. Stop worrying, you silly humans. It will be fine.

CONTENT WARNING: This is an M/M paranormal romance book, with a little F/F on the side. There will be blood, violence, gore, mention of SA (no on-page details), and death. Please do not read if you find any of the previous situations triggering.

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