Review: Bullets & Butterflies (The Elite) by Maz Maddox

Rating: 4.5🌈

One of the real delights of having a series written by multiple authors is that the reader can get a great depth in differences in the depiction of the central location , and variety in how the series theme is presented through the many different characters and plots.

In Bullets & Butterflies (The Elite) by Maz Maddox, we are transported into the inner workings of The Menagerie Hotel, home to unsavory club, The Anonymous , right in the heart of the city known as Old Defiance.

The reader has always been a guest at the club, along with whatever criminal character(s) that particular author has created for their storyline. But here , with Maddox, we go behind the doors, to the Hotel’s/club’s infirmary, where the assassins, thieves, wet-workers, and other nefarious members who need “patching up” come to get medical care.

Dr. Liam Bexley has been the doctor for The Anonymous’ clientele for years, trodding its blood red carpet and sticking by his rules of non engagement with his notorious patients.

Even the patient is the attractive and flirtatious hitman Francisco Delgado.

Maddox brings us into the seamier aspect , if that’s even possible, of an already dark and dangerous world with two jaded men, deeply seated within this environment. Liam’s constantly aware of his patients deadly professional side, as well as their often murderous skill sets. They end up on his table, needing everything from emergency surgery to simple stitches.

Liam’s such a complex man, wry, jaded, accepting of his status and lifestyle that includes healing criminals, yet somehow he manages to hide his own tender heart. I so enjoyed listening to his grumpy doctor’s interior monologue.

Francisco Delgado, or Cisco as he’s called, is a different character. Handsome, charismatic, he’s a member of the Courtesan Guild of assassins. The other group being The Sheath Guild.

Maddox builds a marvelous tale of intrigue, betrayal, suspense, murder and , a rising love among falling bodies.

If a have a quibble, it’s that I wanted to know more about each Guild, especially The Courtesan Guild, how it operates and the history behind it. And I wanted to know how each man came into each moment that they chose to be both a doctor at The Anonymous and an assassin .

Each story would be a remarkable story itself.

Together, Cisco and Liam make a sexy, darkly compelling couple. More of them pls.

I highly recommend their story and hope Maddox finds the time to explore their future together.

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Bullets & Butterflies (The Elite Book 1)

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✓ Leave No Trace by Michelle Frost and Sammi Cee

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✓ Bullets & Butterflies by Maz Maddox

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As the on-call doctor for a club that caters to assassins, Liam Bexley has learned to set some strict boundaries:

Never ask questions about their work.

Always stay professional.

And never, ever date a client.

Easy rules to follow, and ones that Liam takes very seriously. Being lonely and boring is a small price to pay to keep trained killers out of his personal life.

In one chance encounter with the handsome hitman Francisco Delgado, Liam’s routine and existence is completely altered.

Pulled into the insanity of rival assassin guilds and a high profile death, Liam is suddenly stuck eluding danger at every turn with a man he has no business fraternizing with.

Even if he is interesting.

And really hot.

And covered in tattoos.

Liam may have to rethink those boundaries…

Bullets & Butterflies is part of the multi-author series The Elite. Each book can be read as a standalone and in any order. What links these books together is The Anonymous, a club beneath the gritty city where only the elite are welcome.

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