A Paul Review: Pint-Sized Protector (Wolves of Stone Ridge #30) by Charlie Richards


Rating: 4 out of 5 starts    

Pint Sized Protector coverReturning home from a negotiation mission for his wolf shifter pack, Cayden Rochette smells the scent of his mate upon entering the house he shares with his brothers.  Can he convince the skittish cat shifter that his problems are behind him and to accept Cayden as his mate?

Ajax has recently been rescued from a group of scientists.  Having spent most of his life in his Andean mountain cat form trying to survive in the wild after the death of his mother, he prefers that form to his human one.  Currently staying with a wolf pack that helped attain his freedom, Ajax is waiting for the time to leave the wolves behind and return to his favorite pastime of climbing trees away from civilization.

Cayden Rochette is a negotiator for the Stone Ridge wolf pack.  He has been away talking with a local coyote pack about expanding the wolf pack’s territory.  He arrives back home and is met by his brothers.  When he goes to introduce himself to the shifter that is staying in their collective home, he realizes that the Andean mountain cat is his mate.

After Cayden convinces Ajax to shift and tells him that they are mates, Ajax has no idea what he is talking about.  However, Ajax is drawn to Cayden because of the mate pull.  Afraid that hunters might take him again, Ajax expresses his concern to Cayden.  Cayden assures him that they are on pack lands and nothing will happen to him.  However, one of the coyotes of the pack that Cayden negotiated with is not happy with the deal that he made with the coyote alpha and comes to renegotiate the terms of the deal.  When Cayden says he will deal only with the alpha, the coyote shifter promises to be back.

This is the thirtieth edition of the Wolves of Stone Ridge series.  As with a few of the books in this series, it deals with a rescued shifter who meets their mate because of their rescue.  Ajax’s innocence and naivety comes across as sweet even though it has been used before in this series.  However, Ajax does show he is not to be messed with later in the book.

The cover art by Angela Waters shows Cayden in his human form with Ajax in his mountain cat form in the background.  It is a pretty standard cover for the series.

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Book Details

Ebook, 104 pages,
Edition:  English
ISBN:  978-1-4874-0473-1
Published:  August 1, 2015 by Extasy Books
Series:  Wolves of Stone Ridge

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A Paul B Review: Pride’s Children by Evan T. Konnor


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

“Kids are great. They’re a gift and we have to take care of them.”

Pride's Children coverAs Taylor Jensen and Ethan Walker form a family with Taylor’s two children, the two press forward to change Ontario’s law concerning adoption by gay parents. Will their fight be cut short by radical elements before they can argue their case?

Set during the fight for gay adoption in Ontario, Pride’s Children by Even T. Konnor tells the story of Ethan Walker, a newspaper columnist and civil rights reporter and Taylor Jensen, a family law attorney. They have chatted before at a local park where gay men go to cruise. While they have never hooked up, the strike a comfortable acquaintance with each other. One night, Taylor asks Ethan to follow him. Instead of taking him some place to have sex, Taylor takes Ethan to a pizzeria for what he terms their first date. The two hit it off and exchange contact information.

This new relationship faces several obstacles as it begins. Taylor has been a widower for the past three years and has two small children. Ethan has lost his friend and unrequited love several years ago. He is also dealing with missing his son who moved out to Alberta shortly after he was born. As such, Ethan fears giving his heart to someone as his was broken tragically once before. However, both men find qualities in the other they are both impressed by and decide to see where these feeling take them.

The two men are also working toward changing Ontario’s laws banning adoption by gay partners. Ethan has been researching the issue for his newspaper column. Taylor has been acting as the attorney for some the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the province. Their actions have drawn attention to a radical religious organization headed by a former minister who makes the man from Westboro seem like Mary Poppins. Taylor and Ethan must deal with this group’s attempts to sidetrack their mission and keep their newly formed family safe.

I enjoyed how Taylor and Ethan seem to be the person the other one needs to heal their past pain. Taylor is dealing with the loss of his wife, two precocious children and a disapproving mother who does not understand his new lifestyle. Ethan must cope with losing not only his friend and should have been lover but also the loss of his son in his life. The romance is well done even if their initial contact was in a place where romance does not usually occur. The author makes good use of the struggle for gay rights as a backdrop for this well crafted romance and thriller.

The cover is taken from stock photos from shutterstock.com. The combined photos represent our newly formed family. While it is nicely done, it does seem sort of plain with the white backdrop. The rainbow lettering of PRIDE’S reminds one of the gay pride flag while the Children part of the title looks like it could have been written by the eight year old.

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Book details
Ebook, 350 pages
Published: December 1, 2014 by DeeKay
ISBN: 978-0-9938628-1-6
Edition: English

A Paul B Review: Hope: Sequel to SAFE by Mark Zubro


Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars

Hope coverWhen Steve Koemer has an argument with his parents, he turns to his boyfriend Roger Cross for comfort. When Steve’s father is found crucified the next morning, the boys must clear their names and once again fight for their lives.

This is the sequel to the book Safe. It would be recommended that you read the first book to understand some of the plot lines in this book.

It has been several months since Steve Koemer and Roger Cross survived a brutal attack that almost cost them their lives. Since that time, they have been dating and been open about it with their friends within their school. One evening, Steve’s parents confront him about his friendship with Roger. When he admits he is gay, Steve’s father slaps him. Steve runs to the park and texts Roger to meet him there.

Having taken Steve home to his family, Roger’s parents insist on documenting the bruises that are on Steve’s face. They offer Steve a place to stay until they can talk to his parent s in the morning. When they awake the next morning, the police are on the Cross’s doorstep. Steve’s father, a minister at a prominent church has been murdered. To make matters worse, Steve’s mother has all but implicated him as a suspect because of the fight the night before. Despite having an alibi, it appears that the police are determined to pin the murder on either Steve or Roger or both.

With the assistance of their friends at the school newspaper, a semi-retired newspaper reporter, and their lawyer, Steve and Roger must figure out not only who has a possible motive for murder but also avoid a school bully who does not like their relationship. As they investigate, they must go up against the ruling body of Steve’s church and a police force that does not seem to be taking the investigation seriously. Can they solve the mystery, get through the daily grind of high school and keep themselves from either being arrested for murder or killed themselves?

I enjoyed this novel for different reasons. First was the contrasting support of the sets of parents. Whereas Roger’s parents are supportive of him and Steve being boyfriends, Steve’s parents are ultimately trying to divide the couple apart. Roger realizes that his parents are treating them like any other dating teens when they request that Steve sleeps on the couch instead of his room. Second, the mystery seems to come out of Agatha Christie playbook. The suspects are as numerous as the reasons people wanted Steve’s father dead. Once you get to the ending, you see that all the work that our young heroes have put in has been worth the effort. I am glad to see this second novel of these amateur detectives. These two are a welcome addition to Mr. Zubro’s stable of sleuths.

The cover art shows our two heroes standing at dusk in a park. Roger has his letterman jacket on holding onto Steve in a protective manner. Really good representation of our protagonists.

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Book details:
Ebook, 248 pages
Published: February 15, 2015 by MLR Press
ISBN: 978-1-60820-967-7
Edition: English

A Paul B Review: Temple’s Touch (A Wizard’s Touch #6) by Amber Kell


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Temple's Touch coverMadison Archer and Temple Stewartson have longed for each other for years. When Temple goes to school, they think they have missed their chance. When Madison goes missing, Temple will use all his connections to find his man.

Temple Stewartson was born the son of a wizard father and a werewolf mother. Unlike his siblings who were strong wolves, Temple favored his father’s side of the family. As his brother shows strong alpha tendencies, the Stewartson siblings decide they will start their own pack as soon as Temple has finished his schooling. Having been tutored by the wizards associated with his pack, Temple heads off to wizard school.

Madison Archer is an orphan who lost his pack in a flood when he was a young pup. He was adopted by the members of Temple’s pack. He considers Temple his best friend and longs for the day that he can make Temple his mate. But he feels that he must let Temple go to school so that he can fulfill his destiny to be a healing wizard.

The two have grown up in the same pack, having shared the same bed as pack mates often do but each long for more. Temple believes that since Madison is a full wolf he should feel something but hasn’t so they must not be mates. Madison feels that since Temple is part wizard, the need to mate must not be as strong because of his mixed heritage. Only with the help of Temple’s father do they realize that they are indeed mates.

Problems start just after their mating when a new wolf shows up near the pack house. The pack calls on Temple to calm the jittery wolf down but in doing so, Temple passes out. When he recovers the next day, Temple goes to school and Madison goes to work. When Temple returns from school, Madison is not waiting for him as usual and the new wolf is missing as well. Temple turns to his pack and their friends to find his missing mate and solve the mystery of just who the new wolf was.

This is the sixth book in the Wizard’s Touch series. It is helpful to have read the previous books to get some of the references that are mentioned in the book. Having said that, this book does time jump quite a number of years from the previous books in the series as Temple’s father was a wizard student himself in the previous books. As Temple is the youngest of three children, I would say approximately twenty years or so have passed since the last book. However, it is nice that most of the major characters from the previous volumes either make an appearance or at least mentioned in the storyline.

I enjoyed the characters of Temple and Madison. Given their different backgrounds, I could understand how they would come to the misunderstandings that they did about the other maybe not being their mates. Each assumes that the other would be recognizes that they are their mate and say something but neither do. This makes an important lesson that communication is essential even in were relationships.

The cover art by Posh Gosh depicts two young men in the background with a wolf in the foreground. Decent cover that reflects the characters well.

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Book details: 
Ebook , 93 pages
Published: April 2015 by Totally Bound
ISBN: 978-1-78430-537-6
Edition: English

Series: A Wizard’s Touch
Jaynell’s Wolf (Wizard’s Touch #1)
Kevin’s Alpha (Wizard’s Touch # 2)
Farren’s Wizard (Wizard’s Touch # 3)
Elijah’s Ghost (Wizard’s Touch #4)
Porter’s Reaper (Wizard’s Touch #5)
Temple’s Touch (Wizard’s Touch #6)

A PaulB Review: Broken Bridges by Cheyenne Meadows


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Broken Bridges coverWhen wolf shifter Detective Dax Steel discovers a serial killer is targeting bear shifters, he worries about his ex lover Adin. As he hunts for the killer, Dax is bound to protect his former flame. Will this new attention bring the two back together, drive them further apart or separate them forever?

Dax Steel is detective who is investigating a series of homicides that have occurred over the last three days. Being a wolf shifter, he recognizes each of the victims as a bear shifter. When he comes across the latest victim, Dax is relieved that it is not his ex lover Adin. Looking for any connections between the victims, Dax decides to pay his ex lover a visit.

Adin is a bear shifter who works for the parks services. As a bear shifter, his personality aligns with his creature. A loner as most bear shifters, he still cannot get past his relationship with Dax. When Dax shows up one day, it both excites and irritates him. Worried that there might be someone who is after his kind, he offers to help Dax with his investigation.

However, when Dax goes alpha wolf protector with Adin, he bristles. He reminds Dax that he is a bear shifter and can take care of himself. While the two once again reconnect, the very issues that drove them apart the first time threaten do so again. However, Dax is worries that this time it might be a permanent separation if he does not catch the serial killer in time.

I enjoyed this book a great deal. The sex scenes are hot throughout the novel. I enjoyed how the author used the alpha wolf and loner bear personalities to explain how what seemed to be a perfect match somehow fell apart when they first met. The murder mystery being used as the catalyst to bring these two lovers together again worked for me in this instance. I would like to see a sequel to this novel to see if they could work on another case together, but would be satisfied if this did not happen.

The mystery itself was well developed for a short novel. There were enough clues and red herrings to keep the reader entertained. The conclusion of the mystery was plausible without it being revealed completely until near the end of the case.

If you enjoy romance with your mystery, I would recommend this charming short novel.

The cover art by Posh Gosh shows both Dax and Adin in both their human form (in the background) and in their shifted form (in the fore). It is a gorgeous cover and the tag line “Will a second chance at love come too late?” perfectly sums up the story.

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Book Details
Ebook, 89 pages
Published by Totally Bound December 2014
ISBN: 978-1-78430-346-1