A Paul B Review: Henning – Gay Young Adult Fantasy Romance Box Set – 2 books in 1 by Hayden Thorne

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

henning-box-setHenning is about to celebrate his fifteenth birthday.  That means another visit from his Uncle Norbert.  How would Henning describe Uncle Norbert?  Think Uncle Fester from the Addams Family, only bigger and stranger.  His family thinks Norbert has had one too many bad trips on magic mushrooms.  But Uncle Norbert is the only person in Henning’s messed up family that seems to pay him any attention.  Always confirming that Henning is still the person he’s supposed to be, Norbert asks Henning if anything strange has been hiding in dark places around the house.  At his fifteenth birthday party, Henning assures him that everything is fine.  And it is until Henning goes for a blanket in the family car and is attacked.  Norbert saves Henning and takes him away to a safe house he has had for just such an emergency.

Norbert explains to Henning that they, along with a couple of others, are actually from another time and dimension who were transported to earth to save their lives.  Henning is actually a prince in his home land, which was destroyed by his betrothed Varian back home.  Before that happened, Henning had soul bonded (or extreme married as Henning interprets it) to a young lieutenant in the royal army.  As Henning lay dying in his home world, his parents send him, his bond mate, Norbert and a couple of trusted advisers to Earth so that they might live.  However, his psychotic ex still wants Henning and is trying everything to get what he sees as rightfully his.  Norbert, Henning and the rest must stop Varian from coming into this world or else Earth might face the same fate as Wintergrave. 

This book has enough characteristics to make a good Young Adult novel.  Henning is teen is who lost amongst his family as an “oops” baby several years after the rest of his siblings.  As such, he is mostly ignored except for Norbert.  Then his world changes on his birthday.  Henning cannot have his bond mate in this world because Ellery already has a boyfriend.  Norbert does not want Henning to date for fear of his safety.  But that surely doesn’t mean Henning cannot hang out with his new friend Alan does it?  Magic, the undead, and a trip back to Wintergrave add to this tale.  The ending does leave the reader satisfied but I feel there is a whole other story to be told of the olden days of Wintergrave out there. 

The cover art by Written Ink Designs is alright.  It has a view of the palace staircase back in Wintergrave I believe.  I find it kind of an odd choice for the book as not much time is spent there.

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Book Details

EBook, 292 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published December 2015 by Queerteen Press

ISBN:  9781634861632

A Paul B Review: Wolf (Demon Elite 2) by April Kelley

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Wolf Demon EliteLiam O’Reilly has not heard from his brother Finn for a week.  This is unusual because the brothers do not go more than two days without speaking.  Fearing something is wrong, he confronts his mother and step-father Richard.  Liam never liked his step-father and dislikes his mother for putting up with his abuse of the family.  While talking with his parents, Liam learns that Richard has sent Finn to a gay conversion camp.  After threatening to call the police, Liam receives a video saying to go to a meeting if he wants to see his brother again.  The crap hits the fan at this meeting and results with Liam being arrested with no hope of release from the crooked cops that took him in.

Spenser Ross, known to everyone as Wolf, is an elite assassin for the team.  He has developed a soft spot for Finn O’Reilly after his team rescued him from sex traffickers.  He assures Finn that they are doing what they can to find Liam, whom no one has heard from since his encounter with Crash a month ago.  Following up on a lead, he finds he is a moment too late to rescues Liam from jail, but follows those who have come to move him.  He arrives at a warehouse being used by the sex traffickers.  When he saves Liam from being turned over to the man who had originally paid for Finn, he finds that Liam is just as feisty as Finn had described him.  The Irish red headed firecracker (Liam insists it is strawberry blond) at first resists going with his would be rescuer.  After all, he’s been screwed over by authority figures for the past month.  Only after being convinced that he helped rescue Finn and that Finn is safe does Liam begin to trust his hero.  Now all they have to do is get back to company headquarters with a department full of crooked cops along with Wolf’s ex-boss on their tail.

I found this second book in the Demon Elite series enjoyable.  It starts during the events of the first book Crash and explains how Liam got tied up in all this mess in the first place.  As with the first book, the attraction between protector and protected is almost instant.  However, the most important thing I am finding in this series is the sense of family that the team has.   Having Liam and Wolf hook up reinforces this with their relationship to Finn.  Wolf also has a brotherly relationship with the team’s young tech geek Germ.  It is Clair, the fifteen year old girl rescued along with Finn that really brings this point home.  She becomes Wolf’s foster daughter and the team’s little sister/niece.  It will be interesting to see how much further this family grows. 

The cover art by Latrisha Waters depicts Wolf as I would figure him to be.  The cover shows a long haired Native American male in a white tee shirt with a leather jacket over it.  In the corner is the Demon Elite crest, which is tattooed on each member of the team.

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Book Details

ebook, 120 pages
Published March 1st 2016 by eXtasy Books
ISBN 1487406444 (ISBN13: 9781487406448)
Edition LanguageEnglish
SeriesDemon Elite #2

Series:  Demon Elite

  • Crash (Demon Elite #1)
  • Wolf (Demon Elite #2)
  • Cosmo (Demon Elite #3)
  • Tanner & Shade (Demon Elite #4)
  • Ashley (Demon Elite #5)

A Paul B Review: Alexei’s Mouse (Werewolves of Manhattan #5) by A.C. Katt

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Alexei's MouseThe fifth book in A. C. Katt’s Werewolves of Manhattan series is more of the same, which is a good thing for the reader.  The leadership of the loup garrou and Garou Industries keep finding their mates in humans in trouble.  These pairings find redemption for both men and bring gifts to the werewolf council. These will be needed as they fear an upcoming battle looms in the near future.

The human mate this time is Donal Berne.  A runaway at the age of fourteen, Donal has spent the last seven years working as a call boy Vito Apuso, for an underling of Don Ferone.  Apuso has abused Donal and gotten him hooked on heroin in an effort to control him.  The only reason he has survived as long as he has is because of Julio, an independent call boy.  However, Donal has decided that seven years of abuse from Vito and the johns he is assigned to is enough and decides to end it all with an overdose.

The Garou Industries executive this time is fifth in charge Alexi Davidoff.  He was the second in command of the Russian Council.  Three years ago, Alexi was arrested for protesting the inaction of the Russian police after his beta was murdered by gay bashing thugs, which caused the death of the beta’s mate as well.  Having spent three years in a Russian prison nearly broke Alexi.  After his release is negotiated by Garou Industries, Alexi immigrates to the United States and takes over the Colorado territory of the American Council, which is within his birthright.  As he is travelling to his new home in New York City, he spots a young man on a park bench with a needle sticking out of this arm.  He investigates and discovers the man is his mate and calls for help.

The resolution to Donal’s problems seems to have been solved a little too quickly but a further complication is thrown in shortly afterward.  However, this threat is mostly talked about as a possible threat to both Donal and Don Ferone but is resolved almost as quickly and off screen like the first problem.  The tension in the previous books just wasn’t there this time for me.  The epilogue is a probably preview of the next book of the series, where unlike in the past, the future mate has already been introduced.  As mentioned before, the characters mention a possible big battle that is coming in the near future.  There are three more members of the Garou ruling board who are unmated, so this battle may be a ways off yet.  I eagerly await the conclusion of this series.

The cover art by Winterheart Designs has Donal and Alexi above a New York skyline.  Above the two men is Alexi’s wolf.  It Is well done and fits the pattern of the rest of the series.

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EBook, 217 pages
Edition Language:  English
Published:  May 20, 2016 by MLR Books

Series:  Werewolves of Manhattan





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A Paul B Review: Seducing His Reluctant Vampire (A Loving Nip #9) by Charlie Richards

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Seducing His Reluctant VampireAbyzou is a demon approaching his thousand year anniversary of service to the horseman Pestilence.  The time has come to find his amina, or the one who will bind his soul to earth.  With this he will also be freed from the daily task of spreading disease through the world and train new demons in their duty.  Instead of being called to new duties elsewhere, his instincts tell him to stay in his current area.  His last assignment was to give colds to some cubs at the rescued shifter pack.  There he finds Toni Bastille, a vampire enforcer whom he tangled with in the past.  Abyzou realizes that Toni is his amina.

Toni Bastille has been loaned out by his coven to help protect some longhorn steer shifters from their abusive inner circle.  However, the methods that he employed to obtain information from them did not please some members of the shifter council.  As a councilman is trying to take Toni into custody, Abyzou steps in and claims him as his amina.  Toni is horrified because he cannot believe that his beloved is a demon whose blood will kill him if he drinks it.  Fate cannot be that cruel can she?

Abyzou claims rights to bond with Toni take precedence over any attempt of the council to arrest Toni as he only has a short window to complete the bonding process.  If the process is not completed, Toni will die as he will not be able to drink from anyone else.  The councilmember leaves, silently vowing to arrest Toni at a later time.  Now all Abyzou has to do is convince Toni to do is share his soul with him over the next few days in order for the bonding process to complete.

This ninth book in the Loving Nip series continues to expand on the demons and their Four Horsemen that were introduced into the series recently.  As usual, there are some misconceptions about the different species that need to be cleared up before things work out to the happily ever after.  The demons featured so far seem to have some soul or heart for being soulless creatures.  Death’s demon from the previous book wanted the people he visited to relive happy memories before they died.  Abyzou knows that while what he does might lead to death, sometimes it is for the greater good of humanity.  I look forward to visits from demons of the other two Horsemen.

The cover art by Carmen Waters shows a well build shirtless dark haired man.  Not sure if it is supposed to be Toni or Abyzou is his human guise.  It’s a fairly standard cover for the series.

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Book Details

ebook, 92 pages
Published April 15th 2016 by Extasy Books
ISBN 1487406975 (ISBN13: 9781487406974)
Edition LanguageEnglish


A Paul B Review: Golden Son (Tidal Crest #2) by Jeff Erno

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Golden SonThere is but one heir to the throne, one Golden Son.

At thirty-two, Ari loves his life in small town northern Michigan, running his aquatic pet store, but he’s always yearned to visit a coastal state. Inexplicably, he’s felt a connection with the ocean his entire life, and when his cousin Todd calls to ask him to be his best man at his California ocean-side wedding, Ari jumps at the chance for a much needed vacation. When he arrives in San Diego, however, he makes some discoveries about himself and finds love in the process. He also finds himself embroiled in a disturbing murder mystery that he ultimately helps to unravel.

Golden Son picks up about two weeks after the end of Deep Dive ends.  Sam and Prince Percy are wrapping up their honeymoon and facing the fact that they must return to reality.  Meanwhile, their friends Todd and Amy are preparing for their own wedding.  Todd calls his best friend Ari, who lives in Northern Michigan.  Ari, who has always had an attraction to the sea, decides it is about time he visits the ocean and accepts Todd’s invitation to be his best man.  Todd wonders once Ari has fulfilled his lifelong dream if he will return to his home on Lake Michigan.

As Sam and Percy visit the castle in the underwater city of Palaemon, an assassin tries to kill Percy’s father, the king.  His life is spared when one of his bodyguards jumps in front of the bullet, killing him.  Unbeknownst to anyone, the crown that determines the next ruler of merpeople was stolen during the confusion of the assassination attempt.  It also causes the royal family to return to their home on the California mainland for their protection until this mystery is solved.

Richard arrives on shore near Todd and Amy’s beachfront home.  Armand, the guard that was killed was his best friend and lover.  He goes to Todd’s place to grieve his loss as both his and his lover’s families are celebrating the sacrifice that Armand in protection of their king.  However, when he reaches the shore, he finds Ari.  He feels pull to Ari that is stronger than the one he had with Armand.  While Ari feels the attraction too, he realizes that Richard is hurting and gives him space to grieve.  The two must deal with their budding attraction while helping those around them figure out the reason Armand lost his life.

Jeff Erno has built upon his mer world with the second book in his Tidal Crest series.  The concept of three distinct classes of mermen sets up conflict within the species.   This allows expansion of the series as the three classes of mermen live in different parts of the oceans.  Overall, I thought this was a stronger book than the first.   It has strong soap opera plots to it to help the story move along.  I was a little put off on how quickly Richard got over his lover Armand and began to take up with Ari as these are not fate mates that most shifter books have.  But otherwise the story was quite enjoyable.

The cover art by Angela Waters shows a shirtless merman with his golden tail.  It fits the description of the title and book well.

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Book Details

ebook, 111 pages
Published February 1st 2016 by eXtasy Books
Edition LanguageEnglish
Series Tidal Crest

  • Deep Dive (Tidal Crest #1)
  • Golden Son (Tidal Crest #2)