A Paul B Review: Henning – Gay Young Adult Fantasy Romance Box Set – 2 books in 1 by Hayden Thorne


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

henning-box-setHenning is about to celebrate his fifteenth birthday.  That means another visit from his Uncle Norbert.  How would Henning describe Uncle Norbert?  Think Uncle Fester from the Addams Family, only bigger and stranger.  His family thinks Norbert has had one too many bad trips on magic mushrooms.  But Uncle Norbert is the only person in Henning’s messed up family that seems to pay him any attention.  Always confirming that Henning is still the person he’s supposed to be, Norbert asks Henning if anything strange has been hiding in dark places around the house.  At his fifteenth birthday party, Henning assures him that everything is fine.  And it is until Henning goes for a blanket in the family car and is attacked.  Norbert saves Henning and takes him away to a safe house he has had for just such an emergency.

Norbert explains to Henning that they, along with a couple of others, are actually from another time and dimension who were transported to earth to save their lives.  Henning is actually a prince in his home land, which was destroyed by his betrothed Varian back home.  Before that happened, Henning had soul bonded (or extreme married as Henning interprets it) to a young lieutenant in the royal army.  As Henning lay dying in his home world, his parents send him, his bond mate, Norbert and a couple of trusted advisers to Earth so that they might live.  However, his psychotic ex still wants Henning and is trying everything to get what he sees as rightfully his.  Norbert, Henning and the rest must stop Varian from coming into this world or else Earth might face the same fate as Wintergrave. 

This book has enough characteristics to make a good Young Adult novel.  Henning is teen is who lost amongst his family as an “oops” baby several years after the rest of his siblings.  As such, he is mostly ignored except for Norbert.  Then his world changes on his birthday.  Henning cannot have his bond mate in this world because Ellery already has a boyfriend.  Norbert does not want Henning to date for fear of his safety.  But that surely doesn’t mean Henning cannot hang out with his new friend Alan does it?  Magic, the undead, and a trip back to Wintergrave add to this tale.  The ending does leave the reader satisfied but I feel there is a whole other story to be told of the olden days of Wintergrave out there. 

The cover art by Written Ink Designs is alright.  It has a view of the palace staircase back in Wintergrave I believe.  I find it kind of an odd choice for the book as not much time is spent there.

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Book Details

EBook, 292 pages

Edition Language:  English

Published December 2015 by Queerteen Press

ISBN:  9781634861632

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