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The Prince William County PFLAG (VA) youth group is seeking contributions of either young adult (YA) paperbacks or cash donations to purchase books for the PFLAG youth library. If you have any questions or wish to donate, please contact Lynn Schmitz, PFLAG facilitator, at lschmitz1@comcast.net.

Not familiar with PFLAG? PFLAG is Parents, Families,Friends, and Allies united with LGBTQIA people to move equality forward. Their National PFLAG website can be found here. Its also the place to locate your local chapters. More and more of our publishers are turning toward the YA and New Adult market. This includes many publishers you are familiar with such as Dreamspinner Press, with its Harmony Ink YA Press, Interlude Press with its new YA imprint, Duet Books, Torquere Books with its Prizm Press: Young Adult Novels LGBT Characters, JMS Books with Queerteen Press,  Bold Strokes Books (YA division) among the ones that come immediately to mind.

Think about the books you read as a preteen or teenager. Did the great ones, the memorable ones seem to speak to you? Involve characters that you could identity with? I bet some of you are smiling now just remembering those stories that made your day, helped you through a crisis, or just let you know you weren’t alone in your thoughts and problems. These can be tough years and books that take you away or make things that are scary at that age less fearsome are important.

Now image you are a young LGBTQIA child, preteen, teenager, whatever the age. I don’t imagine the local or school libraries have many books that have characters that you can identity with.

Where do you turn for stories where you can see yourself in the characters or situations? That’s where this PFLAG youth library comes in. There are some terrific YA LGBTQIA stories out there. You need look no further than our own Aurora’s YA reviews to see that. That includes today’s 5 Star Review by Aurora of Casey Lawrence’s Out of Order. Lynn Schmitz and her fellow PFLAG associates are trying to put together such a library. And they need our help.

Write Lynn, see what books she has already been given, what books the library is looking for and how you can help this project grow! Is there a need for such a library in your county or city? Check it all out and see how we can help our LGBTQIA youth find the joys we discovered in books when we were their age.

Again Lynn Schmitz email address is lschmitz1@comcast.net

Let’s make a difference…one book at a time!

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Thank you and Let’s Keep It Going and This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

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So last Sunday I posted the need for LGBT YA books for the Prince William PFLAG library and the books started to arrive.  The response has been wonderful.  And the books and the donor’s large hearts so deeply appreciated.  There is nothing better than giving the gift of a book!  One book can make such a huge difference.  It can show you new worlds, give hope and encouragement, let you know that you aren’t alone in feelings or identity, or just take you away for just a moment from the pressing issues and stress that you might be facing.


Opening a book to me is similar to opening a TARDIS (yep, flying the Geek flag here).  The contents inside are so much bigger, surprising, endlessly fascinating and stimulating….an interior not guessed by the cover on the outside.  Why?  Because its also what we bring to it that can’t be quantified or known.  Who we are and what we bring to the books we read and what we take away from them.   From the comfort of Winnie the Pooh to the joy and pain of self discovery of C Kennedy’s Slaying Isidore’s Dragons, the gift of a book is often immeasurable.   Let’s keep them flowing.  Here is the link again to Lynn Schmitz, Prince William PFLAG facilitator and head of the donations to the  PFLAG YA Library.


We also added a new feature on Author Discoveries.  Reviewer BJ started it off with her discovery of author Jaye McKenna and BJ will be reviewing several of her books this week and next.  What new authors have you discovered?  Write us, tell us about their books and let us add them to our list of New Authors to read!

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This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

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Sunday, June 14, 2015:

  • Thank you for the Donations and Let’s Keep It Going and This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

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