A Barb, A Zany Old Lady Review: Pura Vida by Sara Alva ~ Audiobook narrated by Joseph Northton


Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5audiobook clipart bw
Pura Vida coverSimon arrives in Costa Rica to spend the summer with his family as his parents seal the deal on a real estate deal while taking the time to enjoy their family. Simon is free to hook up since his college boyfriend has asked for an open relationship so that each can go their own way for the summer. In other words, he isn’t interested in making a commitment to Simon, and Simon is pretty disgusted just thinking about what that lack of commitment means.

He runs into a young man named Juan late one night while walking on the beach. Actually, he literally runs headfirst into a sea turtle making her way to shore to lay her eggs and scares her off. This, in turn, brings Juan out of his cover to berate Simon for being so clumsy and stupid and careless of the nature on the island. Intrigued, Simon learns more about both Juan and the sea turtles, and when the tension between the two heats up, they decide to slake their sexual appetites with each other.

Though Simon and Juan get close over their weeks together, Simon knows that he’s destined to leave and go back to school, and he doesn’t see how he and Juan can create something long term. The plight of the sea turtles and the intrigue surrounding Juan as they fight to keep the eggs from being stolen by poachers bring the two young men even closer. But when Simon’s parents decide to leave the area before their originally planned departure, Simon has to face the fact that he and Juan may never see each other again.

This was a sweet, young adult M/M romance. It was fairly short and not overly detailed, but considering its length, the author managed to convey two very interesting characters and work in the plight of an endangered species. Adding an epilogue at the end to bring readers up-to-date on the status of both young men the next year was just the perfect icing on the cake. Narrator Joseph Northton was good, with clear pronunciation, and good vocalizations for both characters.

I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a sweet young adult romance that would be perfect for an afternoon on the beach or in front of a cozy winter fire.

Cover art is a split screen with a photo of young man swimming or lying in the sand in the upper panel and a sea turtle in the sand in the lower frame, with the title of the story across the center. The artwork is a faded out gray-and-white and looks somewhat like a faded old photo. Though it does symbolize the story, I found the coloring unappealing.

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Book Details:

ebook, 92 pages
Published July 25th 2013 by M/M Romance Group @ goodreads
edition languageEnglish
seriesDon’t Read in the Closet Events settingCosta Rica

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