A Werewolf Sort of Christmas and This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words




So, how many of you heard the news that for the first time since 1977 there will be a full moon on Christmas Day, coming to peak at 6:11am Christmas morning. This means, of course, that Santa, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas or whatever name you think of him by will have a full moon to deliver presents on Christmas Eve when the moon is starting to wax.

Of course, I thought of werewolves.  A werewolf type of Christmas.Wolf Howling at the mooon clipart

Christmas werewolves or shifters of any other  nature but mostly werewolves.  I swear it must be all those M/M books I read because I had thoughts of weres in red hats howling in delight running under a full moon, with a sleigh full of toys pulled by reindeer flying above.

Tell me I’m not alone.

Kendall McKenna’s werewolf Marines, Poppy Dennison’s shifters, J.L. Langley, Cardeno C,  so many just jumped to mind. I’m sure Paul, Stella, and the rest could give me a list a mile long.  What or whose werewolves jumped into your head when I said wolf shifters?  Do you have  favorites?   Or are you thinking was the color of the wine? White or red? Hmmmm.

It will be 2034 before the next full moon falls again on Christmas.  What do we call this December full moon?  In the Northern Hemisphere, where I live its called the Cold Moon, the Moon Before Yule, or Long Night Moon.  All of which are fairly self explanatory. But as a shout out to all our friends down under, and for a look at our differences in seasons, here is a list of the names for the full moon in the  Southern Hemisphere: Strawberry Moon, Honey Moon, Rose Moon.  I guess if you are from Florida or California that isn’t so strange.

So just in time for a werewolf Christmas, have you read J.L Langley’s With and Without Series , Cardeno C’s Mates Series, Kendall McKenna’s The Tameness of the Wolf series ,  just for starters.  Which ones would you recommend?



This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Sunday, December 13:

  • A Werewolf Sort of Christmas and This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
  • A MelanieM Advent Story Review: Somewhere to Be by Amy Yip

Monday, December  14:

  • A Nutty Christmas Anthology: Maddy Christmas’ by Harper Jewel, S.A. Garcia, Meg Bawden, Chris McHart (excerpt/contest)
  • In the Contemporary Spotlight: Parker Wiliams ‘Haven’s Creed’ (excerpt and giveaway)
  • Jaye McKenna a Guardians of the Pattern Bundle  Release(giveaway)
  • A Stella Advent Story Review: Hearth and Home by E.T. Malinowski
  • A Sammy Review: Unbound, Unbroken by Nasia Maksima (In His Arena #2)
  • A Stella Review: Midwinter Night’s Dream by Eli Easton

Tuesday, December 15:

  • In the Spotlight: G.A. Hauser ‘Along Comes a Man‘ book blast and giveaway
  • Rob Rosen ‘The Love Triangle Gone Wrong‘ book blast and giveaway
  • Coffee Sip and Book Break with DC Juris’ ‘137 Owens Street’ book blast and contest
  • N.R. Walker’s Red Dirt Heart Couple is Back with ‘Red Dirt Christmas’ (excerpt and giveaway)
  • A MelanieM Review: Red Dirt Christmas by NR Walker
  • A Stella Review:  How to Walk Like A Man by Eli Easton
  • A MelanieM Advent Story Review: Mission Mistletoe By Jessica Payseur

Wednesday, December 16:

  • In the Book Spotlight: Brina Brady ‘For Me’ book blast and giveaway
  • Bailey Bradford ‘Destined Prey charity tour and contest
  • Jimmy’s Erotic Adventure In Time And Space Continuum (Episode 1) (giveaway)
  • A BJ Review: Something Like a Love Song by Becca Burton
  • A MelanieM Advent Story Review: Kismet by Cassie Decker

Thursday, December 17:

  • Dean Pace-Frech ‘Need Your Love’ book blast and giveaway
  • Coffee Sip and Book Break: Broken Record by Lilah Suzanne
  • Its a Return to Bluewater Bay with Stuck Landing (Bluewater Bay #11)
    by Lauren Gallagher (tour and contest)
  • A Stella Advent Story Review: Hapless by Therese Woodson
  • A Paul B Review: Kenai (Watchers #1) by Caitlin Ricci and A.J. Marcus

Friday, December 18:

  • Christmas Woe To Odes of Joy? Find out with Champagne Kisses by Lynda Aicher (tour and contest)
  • Karen Stivali ‘Moment of Silence’ release day book tour and contest
  • Audiobook Spotlight:Angel Martinez Audible Release: ‘Hell For The Company’  (excerpt and contest)
  • A MelanieM Audiobook Review: Hell for the Company by Angel Martinez, Narrator Vance Bastian 
  • A Stella Advent Story Review: Best Laid Trap by Rob Rosen
  • A F.D. Review: Kaminishi by Jan Suzukawa

Saturday, December 19:

  • A Mika Advent Story: Old Acquaintance by Avon Gale3 snowflakes













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