A Stella Review: Neon White E4 (A Tooth Claw and Horns Chronicle #4) by Wulf Francu Godgluck


RATING  5 out of 5 stars             ★★★★★

Neon White Episode 4Is the path to vengeance truly worth the secrets it will reveal? Everyone is seeking answers and, more importantly, retribution for those responsible.

Raven’s life is dangling between fine lines. Being forced to face his own demon, one he never knew existed, is proving more deadly than anyone could have predicted.

Jessy works against the clock to keep Raven’s condition hidden from the Caption, but when an acquaintance pays the precinct a visit, she finds time has run out. It’s a man both she and Landon had hoped never to lay eyes on again.

Meanwhile, Bla’Gar seeks out an old friend in hopes of gaining answers to help Raven, wondering if  she might leave a very nasty bite of her own instead.

And Niko reflects on his past, that has brought him to the present; one he could never have foreseen.

Some truths are better left unsaid; others…might be too painful to face.

Some warnings before I give you my thoughts on Neon White Episode 4 by Wulf Francu Godgluck.

First of all, if you haven’t read the series or even the last episode, and you are planning to do it, don’t read this review, it will spoil your reading.

Please be aware the A Tooth Claw and Horns Chronicles series is not for everyone. As I had already said in the reviews of the previous episodes, it’s very dark, violent, hard to understand and complicated. If you are not comfortable with these triggers, don’t buy it. BUT the first book is still free, so if you want,  you can give the series a chance and not make your wallet cry.

This 4th episode seemed to me more complex and full than the previous ones. There is a lot going on, not just in the MCs couple but in the secondary characters too.

Detective Raven is been bitten at the end of episode 3, he has no sire, he is not a human anymore, but a vampire, not a normal one because he burns in the moonlight and not sunlight. Bla’Gar has no idea how to help Raven, he tried everything he knew but nothing worked. He should have killed Raven since his first drink of demon blood, but he couldn’t. He needs to save his Raven before he loses him to the darker nature that will just kill him.

Raven’s point of view broke my heart, I could read his thoughts and see him suffering through a deep agony. He can’t fight it, he’s struggling through two parts of himself, where the Strigoi virus is feeding the darker part. The dualism in Raven is hard to witness till the the ending, unexpected.

This is not only Raven and Bla’Gar’s story, here you can find out how Nick and Bruce met, and  let me tell you, in so much darkness, their scenes were so welcome. Plus there’s still the mystery of the disappearance of Seth, the alpha of Bla’Gar’s Lycan clan, to solve (we get just a glimpse of him and I can’t wait to know more). Then we know a little more of what it is going on into Jessy’s life too.

Just a note on the writing, there are multiple PoVs, a lot, and I’m not a fan of them, but in this case they aren’t  a negative choice because they worked perfectly and were necessary for a plot like this.

The next episode will be the season finale, I can’t wait for it to come out and I really hope the evil author will give a HEA to these troubled characters.

The COVER ART by Wulf Francu Godgluck follows the style of the whole series and it’s well done and different from the usual.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 78 pages
Published March 19th 2016 by Wulf Francu Godgluck
Edition Language English

A Tooth Claw and Horns Chronicle series (with links to Stella’s reviews)

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