Its Our 4th of July Weekend! This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

happy_4th_of_julyIts Our 4th of July Weekend!

So happy early Independence Day to everyone here in the US with a special shout out to those in the military here and abroad.  Thank you for your service, we appreciate your sacrifice, and we wish for your safety and well being here and wherever you all are serving.

Our weekend will be filled with fireworks, families, friends and food.  Our hearts full of love, friendship, happiness and companionship while we make memories for the future.  Let us not forget what we celebrate..the sacrifice and history of this holiday!

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words has picked up speed once again and our schedule is brimming over with book reviews, tours and giveaways for this upcoming week.  Contemporary romance?  Supernatural shifters? Kinky Story Collections?  Fantasy?  Really we have it all this week.  Grab up your book lists and prepare to make some additions to your reading lists.

And wherever you are, have a  wonderful week.  If you are here in the US, have a wonderful 4th of July!  Now for our schedule this week.


This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Sunday, July 3:

  • Its Our 4th of July Weekend
  • This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Monday, July 4 – Happy Independence Day!:

  • What Remains by Garrett Leigh—Blog Tour—Riptide Publishing
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Collars N Cuffs Anthology
  • A Free Dreamer Review: The Hunger Man by Scott D. Pomfret
  • An Alisa Review: My Busboy by John Inman
  • A MelanieM Review: Undercover Boyfriend by Jacob Z. Flores

Tuesday, July 5:

  • Blog Tour Invite – The Pinkerton Man Series by CJ Baty
  • A BJ Review: Just a Bit Ruthless by Alessandra Hazzard
  • A Stella Review: Succumbing to His Fear by River Mitchell
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: The Last Enemy by Christian Beck
  • A Lila Review: The Pirate of Fathom’s Deep by Megan Derr
  • A Jeri Review: Wolf en Garde by AF Henley

Wednesday, July 6:

  • A Stella Review: To Arizona by Meg Harding
  • A Lila Review: Last Mechanic Standing by LA Witt
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Becoming Rory by Ashavan Doyon
  • A Lila Review: Loving Djinni by Osiris Backhaus
  • An Alisa Review: Soul Seekers by Jake C Wallace

Thursday, July 7:

  • Book Blitz – My Zombie Cat by T. Strange Excerpt and Giveaway
  • Blitz and Giveaway – Rise Out Of The Flames by Jackie Nacht
  • A Second Harvest by Eli Easton Excerpt Tour and Giveaway
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Always Another Side by Annabelle Jacobs
  • A BJ Review: Kestrel’s Talon by Bey Deckard
  • A Stella Review:Love, Marriage and a Baby Carriage by CS Poe
  • An Ali Review:Perilous by Cari Z

Friday, July 8:

  • Book Blitz July 8th for The Runaway Millions by Parker Avrile
  • Complexity by Harper Miller Tour and Giveaway
  • A Stella Review: Roadside Rescue by Caitlin Ricci
  • A Jeri Review: Smoke & Mirrors by Charlie Cochet
  • A MelanieM Review: A King and a Pawn (Leader Murders #3)
    by Liv Olteano

Saturday, July 9:

  • An Ali Review: Cops and Robbie by Carol Lynne
  • A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Permanently Legless by JL Merrow
  • A Stella Review: Set Me Free by Kitty Stephens






By Scattered Thoughts

At over 50, I am ruled by my terriers, my gardens, and my projects. A knack for grubbing about in the woods, making mud pies, and tending to the injured worms, bugs, and occasional bird and turtle growing up eventually led me to working for the Parks. I was a park Naturalist for over 20 years, and observing Nature and her cycles still occupy my hours. From the arrival of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in the Spring to the first call of the Snow Geese heading south in the Fall, I am entranced by the seasons. For more about me see my bio on my blog.

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