A Free Dreamer Review: A Vampire’s Heart (Ellowyn Found #1) by Kayleigh Sky


Rating: 4 stars out 5

Vampires live.

And they hunger…

Otto Jones, a cop assigned to the seemingly random murder of a vampire, would rather hide out in the nearest bar than waste his time on a dead vamp. He hates the bloodthirsty demons. But when the king of the vampires commands him to work with one of the lesser princes and find the killer, he has no choice.

Prince Jessamine Senera is ready to sacrifice his happiness in a loveless marriage for his family’s benefit… but not yet. He dreams of adventure, excitement, and true love. He lives on romance novels and detective stories and wishes he could drink synthetic blood like every other vampire. But he can’t. He needs human blood to survive and is hated by vampires and humans alike.

As Otto and Jessa draw closer to an entity that doesn’t want to be discovered, Otto finds the heart he thought long dead opening to the romance-loving Jessa. No good can possibly come from falling in love with a vampire, but when a shadowy assailant attacks Jessa, Otto will descend into the darkest pit of the earth to rescue him.

If you like vampires, mythical and urban settings, intense suspense, and happy ever after, then you’ll love this first book in the dark and mysterious Ellowyn Found trilogy!

A Vampire’s Heart is a stand-alone paranormal dystopian noir romance with a satisfying conclusion to the love story and a central mystery that weaves the trilogy together.

I’ve read a lot of vampire books but never one quite like “A Vampire’s Heart”. It’s definitely a very unique setting and one that I enjoyed a lot.

It’s not a romance in the traditional sense of the word, though we do get a HEA for the our two protagonists. It just takes them a long time to get together and it’s not really the main focus of the book. I loved that slow build at first, but when they finally did get together and managed to admit their feelings, it still find kind of abrupt. I’m not much of a mystery reader usually, but this got me really invested and I certainly did not expect the reveal of the bad guy.

The world building was truly excellent. As I said before, the setting in and of itself is pretty unique. Vampires have lived underground for millennia, but they had to leave their home because humans a few years before, after humans finally managed to screw up the environment enough. The earth is constantly moving, minor earthquakes are now an everyday occurrence. Life isn’t easy, the peace is very much a tentative things and many lives were lost in the war between humans and vampires.

Otto Jones is not a happy man. He’s an alcoholic and very much obsessed with the death of his sister. He is a haunted man, who can’t seem to find peace. I still liked him but I thought he want through a rather sudden chance of personality in the epilogue.

Jessa is really sweet. Being a drainer isn’t easy, humans and vampires alike are quick to hate you for it. I loved how pragmatic he was about his engagement, even if he was actually a real romantic.

The side characters had depth as well. I especially liked Isaac and I hope he’ll get his own book.

The tone of the book is rather dark and a little bit creepy. A perfect autumn read, for those foggy days and nights, where you never know what’s really lurking in the shadows. But the epilogue felt out of tune with the tone of the rest of the story. It actually quite bothered me, which is the main reason why I gave this “only” four stars and not five.

“A Vampire’s Heart” was an interesting break from the endless sugary-sweet romances out there. The mystery is really the main focus of the book. Even though I’m usually not a reader of mysteries, it made for an intriguing mix of genres.

If you’re looking for gorgeously sparking vampires and a sweet romance, you’ll probably want to keep looking, though.

Personally, I’m already looking forward to the next part in the series.

I’m a bit torn on what to think about the cover. I can’t quite make up my mind if I like it or if I think it’s kind of generic…

Sales Links:  Amazon

Book details: Kindle Edition, 399 pages

Expected publication: November 13th 2018 by Kiss Drunk Books

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