A Lila Review: Death Benefits by William Holden


Rating: 2 stars out of 5

Victor Kane isn’t an ordinary funeral director. He’s a vampire, and not an ordinary one, either. He doesn’t drink fresh blood, but rather the lifeless blood from corpses that come into his family-run business. Despite the benefits of dead blood, there’s one side effect he hasn’t come to terms with — dead blood caused erectile dysfunction.

Cliff a handsome young man who loses his husband unexpectedly in the heat of passion and calls After Care Funeral Home to help with the arrangements. When Victor and Cliff meet, though, it’s anything but business.

Cliff wants to feel again, and sex is his answer. Victor knows from experience that sex with a vampire is a powerful aphrodisiac and tries to keep Cliff at bay. Can Victor confess his identity to Cliff without ruining his chance for love?

Death Benefits is not what I expected after reading the blurb. It’s listed as an erotic romance, but even as a short erotica it didn’t work for me. It has s great premise and Victor is an interesting character but it’s not enough to carry the story.

I’m fine with the instant attraction between Victor and Cliff but I wanted a reason behind it. Even if it was momentary or an effect from Victor being a vampire. Also, Cliff detachment felt a bit out of place. Even if he was grieving from his loss, I needed more to believe he would jump into Victor’s bed mere hours after his husband’s death.

There’s no lack of lust and connection between the main characters. That part went well. I love the way Victor interacted with the dead bodies and the stories about his life before turning into a vampire. I like the ending too, it was fun and not as predictable as many other paranormal stories.

The only relevant part of the cover by Written Ink Designs is the vampire. It’s definitely too generic for the story.

Sale Links: Amazon | Nook | JMS

Book Details:
ebook, 100 pages
Published: October 13, 2018, by JMS Books
Edition Language: English

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