Review: The Chosen One Universe: Vol Two by Macy Blake

Rating: 4.75🌈

The second volume of Chosen One books is where I realized they weren’t being grouped according to series but in a reading order.

Series broken up and interspersed with each other, along with single stories, to give the overall Chosen One plot arc a flow with the characters, relationships, and events as they occur inside each novel.

So with Volume Two we get:

🔹Hell On Earth: Hellhound Champions #1(already reviewed)

🔹Next to Nothing: The Chosen One #3

🔹Hell to Pay: Hellhound Champions 2

🔹Double or Nothing- extra bonus about Sawyer’s brother, Mikey.

All four books, in that order, keep setting up the reader and the characters for the ever developing arc and multiple relationships of the Chosen One and the battle he’s facing.

We get new Guardians, new mates for characters who will , if they aren’t already, hugely important to the safety of the Chosen, and his mission to find that being responsible for all the black magic and devastating events his evil has caused.

Blake’s writing brings us into multiple lives here. Those of the severely damaged children, of the traumatized adults that still carry all the pain and damage within and on them from those years of captivity. Damage that’s carved into them and is able to make us empathize with them completely.

When bear shifter Ben cries out, it’s not just his siblings that feels his anguish, but us too.

There’s fierce battles, high suspense, and lots of very hot sex , with mates who can’t get enough of their men.

There’s also some very funny elements as well. Need those to mitigate the dark moments that are becoming faster and more severe.

All the characters are amazing as is the multi storyline development. It’s getting increasingly complicated. Blake is upping the game, adding in mythology as well as new beings, layers of history as well as new people and their mates . It’s a lot to track as each is so important to the overall picture but it all meshes.

I hadn’t anticipated this type of collection but it’s great. It makes sense and stops a person from having to jump around from series to series. Love it!

So onto Volume Three! I’m picking up speed here! This is a binge reader’s paradise!

I’m highly recommending this and Volume One.

Happy Reading! › showChosen One Universe Volume Two by Macy Blake – Goodreads › Chosen-…The Chosen One Universe Volume Two: An MM Paranormal Fantasy Shifters Series …

Have You Been Chosen?

For the first time, Macy Blake’s two bestselling paranormal fantasy series are being published in a three-volume mega-verse box set!

Each volume will feature three full-length MM novels with dragons, hellhounds, vampires and more, with never before published bonus material. All in reader-requested chronological order.

Volume Two:

Hell on Earth: Hellhound Champions Book One

As alpha of the hellhounds, Meshaq is tasked by his goddess to be the police of other creatures. When he meets the mysterious Drew, a human on the run, Meshaq is drawn to him in a way he doesn’t understand. His duty is clear, but his feelings for Drew have him longing for things he can’t have. Magical forces collide, beginning a battle that will require all of Meshaq’s skill as the goddess’s champion. He may be the enforcer of the supernatural world, but Meshaq is in danger of losing his heart.

Next to Nothing: The Chosen One Book Three

Sawyer is closer than ever to fulfilling the ancient prophecy of the Chosen One, but the bonds between him and his newest guardians are giving him doubts. With his reluctant hippocamp and an egotistical fae prince, Sawyer has his hands full in more ways than one. The rules are changing, and Sawyer has to adapt quickly if he’s going to keep up, especially after he’s whisked away to the land of the fae, a place with cryptic customs. One misstep could very well lead to his death.

Hell to Pay: Hellhound Champions Book Two

Hellhound beta Solomon has no complaints. Life is fine. His pack and his goddess-given duties as a protector of the human realm are enough. So what if he’s a little bored and a smidge lonely? His scheme to get to know his human pack mate comes at the worst possible time, especially as Cody is convinced he works for a group of elite mob enforcers instead of the protectors of the supernatural world. When a magical attack draws Cody into the supernatural world, can Solomon convince Cody to join them in a dangerous mission to defeat a terrifying creature bent on raining destruction on them all?

Includes bonus short story:

Double or Nothing

Mikey Smith lives with what he calls his “flickers”. When he’s out in the world, sometimes other people flicker and change into something terrifying that no one but him can see. He’s been diagnosed with epilepsy, but part of him knows what he sees is real. When two men walk into his coffee shop, his world is turned upside down when they transform into something else… and they know he can see them. Asher and Quillon aren’t expecting to add a third into their mix… but neither of them are opposed to the idea either. When they meet Mikey, they’re drawn to him from the first moment. He’s a human exposed to their world, though, and the consequences are severe. Can Asher and Quillon protect their new human mate from the forces that threaten him?

❤️Chosen Universe Multi-series Reading Order:

1. Sweet Nothings- Prequel
– The Chosen One

2. The Trouble With Love
– Nothing But Trouble, Book 1

3. Santa Trouble
– Nothing But Trouble, Book 2

4. All or Nothing
– The Chosen One, Book 1

5. Nothing Ventured
– The Chosen One, Book 2

6. Hell on Earth
– Hellhound Champions, Book 1

7. Double or Nothing

8. Next to Nothing
– The Chosen One, Book 3

9. Hell To Pay
– Hellhound Champions, Book 2

10. Give Him Hell
– Hellhound Champions, Book 3

11. Nothing Gained
– The Chosen One, Book 4

12. Stop at Nothing
– The Chosen One, Book 5

13. Sweet Spot

14. All Kidding Aside
– Magical Mates, Book 1

15. Stop Kidding Around
– Magical Mates, Book 2

16. Hell Breaks Loose
– Hellhound Champions, Book 4

17. Logan
– Chosen Champions, Book 1

18. Gideon
– Chosen Champions, Book 2

19. Jamal
– Chosen Champions

20. Cosmo and the King

21. Aleron
– Chosen Champions, Book 3

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