Review: The Chosen One : Volume Three by Macy Blake

Rating: 4.5🌈

Volume Three:

🔹Give Him Hell,Hellhound Champions #3

🔹Nothing Gained, Chosen One #4

🔹Stop At Nothing, Chosen One #5

🔹Sweet Spot, single

I really debated about that rating because this is an fantastic series and , from a overall perspective, it deserves a 5 rating.

However, this collection has a few elements that, as a group I feel tended to take away from the anticipation and potential of a powerful finale.

Give Him Hell, Hellhound Champions #3, is actually my favorite of the three. Nick’s story has it all. A traumatic adolescence, a damaged man who’s history has given him a mission in life that’s as much mystery as he is. It’s full of found family, magical beings, a great relationship, and , really, a huge amount of character growth.

Nick and Hellhound Jedrek are perfection. And now I understand all Nick’s Alpha appearances in the other series. This book is that foundation.

Now to the rest.

Nothing Gained and Stop at Nothing are the two books that essentially tie up Sawyer’s Chosen One storyline. Sawyer needs to complete his circle of Guardians, get his guide, figure out how to defeat his brother , and win the war.

So huge! Right? There are some fantastic elements here. Ones that mix mythology, spirit animals and communication, even past lives to a very fascinating degree. How does someone correct past mistakes if past knowledge has been purposefully erased… by them? Interesting , deeply complex questions. With equally labyrinthine answers. That takes two books to unravel.

Great stuff.

Other beautifully crafted sections? That regarding the wounded, wary Guardian Dakota. He was so well written, so intriguing that you wanted more. Of his history and that of the family we got introduced to. They were all so interesting and unique.

And that was a issue with the last Guardian. All the other great Guardians had powers, some had wounded backgrounds, fascinating personalities, and, honestly, a visible reason to be a part of the Guardian circle. And not just because each represents a Element. The last missing Guardian? Cute as a button but made no sense other than as a “plug-in “ storylight character, who’s aspect could go comedic “high maintenance twink” or “adorable boy toy”. No history. No layers.

Even his “animal “ had me scratching my head in the manner he called it/them.

But even that part , as one dimensional as it is compared to all the other Guardians, doesn’t seem as overdone as all the ongoing multi-partners sex scenes.

When they started, it was sexy and a way to cement the polyamory relationship between Chosen One and his Guardian mates. It made sense.

But here, as the danger grew overwhelming, the partners were wounded, tired, even hospitalized, the orgies never abated. Research continues around them, or on top of them. People get called away from them and return to them.

It makes them less sexy. More like slot A into Slot B type of activity when the amount of sexual activity exceeds story plot. It was almost at that level. A “really.. again?” type of sex scene.

A lightweight major character , too many sex scenes seemed to slow the narrative’s forward motion as it moved towards its tumultuous and scary series finale.

Blake does a outstanding job with formatting that momentous battle into something truly heart stopping and highly suspenseful. From that battle onward it’s a careening, wild ride to the finish. A very satisfying one too.

The epilogue is the only aspect, that has , again, just a few things that bothers me. The Guardians and Sawyer have their happy ending. But a character, who’s played a huge part in this series, and was involved in a traumatic incident, gets written off with a sentence. That struck me as all sorts of wrong and , frankly, undeserved, given his status within the group. More about his situation was definitely called for. The reader was invested in him. As was Sawyer and the group. I don’t get it.

Other characters also just disappeared. I don’t know if it’s Into future storylines and novels but precious time was spent here getting us involved in them so don’t we deserve to know more?

I think what was missing overall in the last Chosen One stories is a sense of narrative flow and emotional balance. Sex scenes over plot and character resolution. A rush story wise because so much went forward quickly , narratively speaking.

And this is why I had issues with the rating. I read them together, and whether that made the issues I had more glaring or not, I won’t know. The whole series is incredible. The maxed out battle and finale absurdly fantastic! A true “I’m crying, hold your breath “ battle!

Then there’s Sweet Spot.

The fourth is a standalone novella , about Guardian Eduard’s widower father, Augustus, and the young man he meets on a island getaway. It’s a second chance at love, age gap sweet story with a slice of kink. I love it.

I’m highly recommending this series. You would be reading the last Chosen books in the order anyway so you might as well read them in this collection and get the wonderful other books as well.

The other series in the Chosen One Universe are ongoing which I’m thrilled about. That’s Magical Mates and Chosen Champions. Stay tuned for more Chosen goodness.

Happy Reading!

The Chosen One Universe Volume Three – Goodreads › book › show

Have You Been Chosen?

For the first time, Macy Blake’s two bestselling paranormal fantasy series are being published in a three-volume mega-verse box set!

Each volume will feature three full-length MM novels with dragons, hellhounds, vampires and more, with never before published bonus material. All in reader-requested chronological order.

Volume Three:

Give Him Hell: Hellhound Champions Book Three

Nick Smith is a man with a mission: find the place where he’d been held captive as a child and discover what happened to the kids he left behind. He needs answers, especially since he discovered he can shift into a lion. Instead he finds a huge Viking of a man with flaming eyes who threatens Nick’s shaky hold on his control. When Nick’s past collides with a powerful, evil force causing havoc in the supernatural world, Nick races to find who is responsible for the current rash of dark magic. With a hellhound at his side, what could go wrong?

Nothing Gained: The Chosen One Book Four

With the truth finally revealed that Sawyer is the son of a powerful goddess, Sawyer must find the strength to fix the broken magic in his world. There’s only one problem: he has no clue how to do it. Even with six of his eight mates at his side, Sawyer doubts he has what it takes, especially as he is growing weaker by the day. With his newest guardian hiding in the shadows, Sawyer has to find the answers before it’s too late, for both him and his mates.

Stop at Nothing: The Chosen One Book Five

Rising forces of darkness are attacking faster than Sawyer and his mates can mount a defense. It’s time to fight, but Sawyer has too much to lose to risk disaster. The final pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, but they leave him with more questions than answers. He heads into the final battle without the knowledge…or the power…to win. Sawyer only knows one thing: he will stop at nothing to keep his mates safe.

Includes bonus short story:

Sweet Spot

When the goddess tells Augustus Eastaughffe to go to the mountains to find what he needs, he’s more than happy to comply. The billionaire griffin is in the midst of a deepening mystery and expects to find some of the answers he seeks. Instead, he finds a captivating human who proves to be sweeter than any he’s ever met.

❤️Chosen Universe Multi-series Reading Order:

1. Sweet Nothings- Prequel
– The Chosen One

2. The Trouble With Love
– Nothing But Trouble, Book 1

3. Santa Trouble
– Nothing But Trouble, Book 2

4. All or Nothing
– The Chosen One, Book 1

5. Nothing Ventured
– The Chosen One, Book 2

6. Hell on Earth
– Hellhound Champions, Book 1

7. Double or Nothing

8. Next to Nothing
– The Chosen One, Book 3

9. Hell To Pay
– Hellhound Champions, Book 2

10. Give Him Hell
– Hellhound Champions, Book 3

11. Nothing Gained
– The Chosen One, Book 4

12. Stop at Nothing
– The Chosen One, Book 5

13. Sweet Spot

14. All Kidding Aside
– Magical Mates, Book 1

15. Stop Kidding Around
– Magical Mates, Book 2

16. Hell Breaks Loose
– Hellhound Champions, Book 4

17. Logan
– Chosen Champions, Book 1

18. Gideon
– Chosen Champions, Book 2

19. Jamal
– Chosen Champions

20. Cosmo and the King

21. Aleron
– Chosen Champions, Book 3

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  1. Have you heard that Ollie is getting a book??? And I totally agree- Pip felt like he was just there to get Dakota to accept them. I really wished that there would have been another book, to stabilize his relationship/ purpose.

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