Review: The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA by A. J. Sherwood

Rating: 3.75🌈

There’s just something about a gas station on the edge of town that just shouts otherworldliness and has the air of the supernatural about it. That all nite , poor lighting, last stop , grungy atmosphere of nite dwellers and desperation.

It’s been played out for horror and for humor, often both at the same time.

A. J. Sherwood wrote a serial story about a young college student, Ross Young, earning his tuition at a gas station on the nite shift, for her newsletter. It was so popular with her subscribers that they pleaded for it to be collected into a book.

This is that collection. It’s funny. Romantic. Clearly of the serial format with its flow and , yes, editing issues, which have not been cleared up here.

It’s also got very amusing Chibi art of the characters at the start of each serial chapter. That’s a great plus.

Ross is droll, accepting of the supernatural community that exists around him, with a calm, commanding manner . Perfect for handling those drunk dwarves or vampires seeking to loot a bank, whatever the situation calls for.

There’s even a terrific minor crossover with a character from another series that was very enjoyable.

I found this funny and a very quick entertaining collection to read. Even with the typos. Someone should have caught those.

There’s a short story follow up. It should have been added onto this one as it doesn’t work as a standalone.

I’m recommending this as funny and enjoyable.

🔹The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA by A. J. Sherwood

🔹The Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA, Additional Incident: LARPing. By A. J. Sherwood › seriesThe Tribulations of Ross Young, Supernat PA Series – Goodreads

“Company policy forbids me from exchanging my blood, my soul, or my firstborn child with customers…”

When Ross starts working third-shift at a gas station, he doesn’t think anything extraordinary will happen. He expects a lot of quiet shifts.

Well, you know what they say about assumptions.

One explosion later and he’s the personal assistant to a vampire—who he admits is not only sexy, but the sane one—in charge of his supernatural clan’s paperwork, and managing any trouble the members get into.

Spoiler alert: the clan can get into quite a bit of trouble.

Ross is definitely not paid enough for this.


The crack ship armada sails again, and then it got out of hand, poor put upon retail workers, Ross didn’t deserve this, Fate is cruel, so am I, the trauma of changing jobs, Ross has a paperclip and knows how to use it, Ross isn’t clear if he’s a PA, bartender, or babysitter, troublesome werewolves, Australian wizards, spells gone awry, very awry, sexy vampires, developing relationship, coming out, not a single degree of chill from Glenn where Ross is concerned, slow burn, boss/secretary, light bondage, Ross has to teach ancient mythical beings how to text, pray for him, SHENANIGANS, did I mention crack?, the most absurd workplace romance in history

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