I’m Off To GRL and The Week Ahead In Reviews

Short and oh so sweet this week.  I am off to GRL in Atlanta this week and I am beside myself in anticipation.  If you listen hard enough you can hear a little fan girl “squee” here. So many people to meet and get to talk with, there are authors galore, publishers,, editors, other bloggers… Continue reading I’m Off To GRL and The Week Ahead In Reviews

JL’s Sci-Regency Series Review

JL Langley’s Sci-Regency series is such a wonderful creation. In it Langley  combines the extremely formal social rules, etiquette, manners, and dress of Regency England with science fiction’s space and galactic travel to create a universe both familiar and removed from our experiences. And she did it so well, so convincingly that it become a… Continue reading JL’s Sci-Regency Series Review