Answers to Our M/M Fiction First Line Quiz #1 and This Week At Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words


 Answers to Our Quiz, and The End of First Lines of Novels…For Nowblowing leaves clip rt

Last week we posted the first lines of 14 popular M/M fiction novels and asked you all to guess which books they came from.  Well, here are the answers.  How did you all do?  Not easy is it? I wonder if even the authors would have recognized their own first lines.    Even harder if you are trying to write the line the first time around.  It gives you a new appreciation for some of the difficulties an author has when writing a story and one of the toughest parts can come with the first line.

Still, we need that all important first line to do its job.  To pull us in, to set a tone and even impart a little about the story to follow. Did the lines below do their jobs? I think so.  More to come in November and December.  What’s up next?  Well famous last lines of course!  Have a happy week and for those of you at GRL, I’ll miss you this year and hope you have a great time. See you when it swings back my way!

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words October

M/M Romance First Line Quiz Answers

  1. “This is the way my world ends.”–  Bear, Otter, & the Kid, T.J. Klune
  2. “Once upon a time…that’s how the old stories always begin.” —  Sand and Ruin and Gold, Alexis Hall
  3. “It was pouring when I walked outside to use the pay phone.”–Frog,  Mary Calmes
  4. “He was on his third beer of the evening when he thought he heard a noise in the backyard.”–Infected: Prey, Andrea Speed.
  5. “His elegantly decorated hospital room looked regal and stately, much like the man lying in the bed in the center of the room.” —Always, Kindle Alexander
  6. “I don’t disagree with you Mother, Clarissa is a very beautiful woman. ” —Wake Me Up Inside, Cardeno C.
  7. “I wish to buy a boy,” the stranger said.” Wizard’s Moon, Josh Lanyon
  8. “I would say that I never let harm come to him, but in this world harm comes to us all. ” Fallocaust, Quil Carter
  9. At eight in the evening on a Friday, Roosevelt High School was dark and abandoned.  —Life Lessons, Kaje Harper
  10. “The whole thing started because of Lizzy’s Jeep.” —Promises, Marie Sexton
  11. “Dad, I’m gay.”–Clear Water, Amy Lane
  12. This is not a coming-out story.” —Something Like Summer, Jay Bell
  13. “He wore the navy suit because it was her favorite, the light blue shirt because when he looked down at his cuff, the slender line of color made him remember her eyes.”–Faith & Fidelity, Tere Michaels
  14. “The smell of cheap motel rooms was comforting to him, like his oldest, rattiest T-shirt.”–Zero at the Bone, Jane Seville

This is but the start of our test runs for our big December First Line End of the Year Quiz.  Want a leg up on your competition?  Send in a first line with the author and book.  The book must be sort of popular, nothing obscure.  If we choose your line to be included, well, you have a “leg” or line up on the competition when we post the final  quiz (and there’s a prize to be awarded in December).  Make sure you include your email so we know who sent in what line.  You will get credit for that as well.


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