Summer Reading and the Perfect Romance Novel. This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words.

Summer Reading and the Perfect Romance Novel.


One thing summer reading has always meant is relaxation and escapism.  Not for me books that offered the psychologically twisty horror plots or ambiguous endings.  Those get pushed to fall or winter.  Even some of the hard core action adventure may slide a bit, depending on the plot and characters.    Sometimes, I just want to recline and dive into a great fantasy world or romance that carries me away from everything happening in RL, listen to the ocean waves if I happen to be at the beach, and simply savor summer.

It will be gone all too soon as will the summer state of mind.

For me nothing says summer reading better than a romance story.  Two people finding each other, the journey, the temporary heartbreak, the realization of forever love, and then happily ever after.  The story that makes your heart burst and then puts it back together with puppies and sparkes and tissues and everything warm and glowly The novel with characters that pulls you in and you connect with them, and hold them close, and reread their story….over and over.  A story that sometimes turns into your comfort read.  That romance story.

The Perfect Romance Story.

Summer is the exact time for the Perfect Romance story (not that any time of the year isn’t as well).  I found a Perfect Romance story this summer (thank you, Barb, our Zany Old Lady.). I should say I found it through a review here by Barb. Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, although I just finished the audio, narrated by Ramón de Ocampo. This book has me wanting the ebook and even the paperback format.

The only problem?  It’s the author’s only story.

For me, it’s everything I want and need in a romance story.  I’ll go into that next week.

But for now.  Do you all have that perfect romance story?  What is it?  What makes it a perfect story for you?

While we are waiting for those answers next week.

Here are the answers from our Polls.  We  are 50/50 about  series and standalone stories.  We don’t care obviously.  About the type of stories?  Well, contemporary runs slightly ahead of SyFy/Fantasy/Other trilogy with Paranormal running last.

Some of the comments from our readers:


“I can go either way. I don’t mind series but I do tend to gravitate towards standalone stories more (because it’s just faster to get through them and find the next exciting read). I usually like to wait till a series is near completion or completed to even start it because I know if I start one and the next book takes months or years to write I will have to go back to re-read the series and for me going back to read 8-10 books just to prepare to read the newest addition to the series is time consuming and not something I want to do for any series I just thought was okay but didn’t quite blow my socks off.

I do want some warning that a book will be a series before I start and whether or not they could be read loosely as standalones or not. As for series that intersect with other series. I don’t really mind them. I’m usually good about reading stories out of order sometimes and connecting them into a time line that will work but can see how it can’t work for others.”



|”I love both series and standalone stories. But, I do want to know if I a book is part of a series. I get that sometimes a standalone story turns into a series later due to reader requests or the author’s muse. And that’s cool, but if it is already a series or already planned to be a series, I want to know. One of my especial pet peeves is when a series is convoluted and you can’t tell the reading order. Such as a series within a series or interconnected series. In those cases, it is helpful when the author publishes a reading order.”

So to both of you go a $10 Amazon gift card.  Please contact Stella at with the email address to use for your gift card. And Congratulations.


So now think about what is your perfect Romance novel, what makes it so, and send it in.  Let’s make that Summer  List of Perfect Love Stories!  Go!

Now here is our week ahead!  Happy reading and listening!


This Week at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

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  1. My wants for a romance are exactly like yours. I want that finding each other, getting to know each other, the (minor/major) tribulations and the realization that together they can make it work and really do love each other. A great example and one of my many favorite re-reads is Better Than Chance by Lane Hayes.


  2. I also agree with your description of what makes a good romance. I am currently listening to Red, White & Royal Blue and it definitely fits the bill. Plus, it has the added bonus of some funny moments.


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